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Volver (Spanish pronunciation: [bolˈβer], that means "to go back") may be a 2006 Spanish drama film written and directed by Pedro Almodóvar. Headed by role player Penélope Cruz, the film options AN ensemble forged conjointly leading Carmen Maura, Lola Dueñas, Blanca Portillo, Yohana Cobo, and Chus Lampreave. Revolving around AN eccentric family of girls from a wind-swept region south of capital of Spain, Cruz plays Raimunda, a working-class girl forced to travel to nice lengths to guard her 14-year-old female offspring Paula. To replenish the family crisis, her mother Irene comes back from the dead to hold up loose ends.

The plot originates in Almodóvar's earlier film The Flower of My Secret (1995), wherever it options as a unique that is rejected for publication however is taken to create the book of a movie named The deep-freeze. Drawing inspiration from the Italian neorealism of the late Forties to early Nineteen Fifties and also the work of pioneering administrators like Federico Fellini, film maker, and Pier Paolo Pasolini, Volver addresses themes like sexual assault, loneliness and death, compounding the genres of farce, tragedy, melodrama, and genre. Set within the La Mancha region, Almodovar's place of birth, the film maker cited his upbringing as a significant influence on several aspects of the plot and also the characters.

Volver was one amongst the films competitory for the Palme d'Or at the 2006 Cannes festival. It eventually won 2 awards: Best role player (shared by the six main actresses) and Best book.[1] The film's premiere was persisted March ten, 2006, in Puertollano, Spain, wherever the motion-picture photography had taken place. Penélope Cruz was appointive  for the 2006 honour for Best role player, creating her the second Spanish girl ever to be appointive  therein class.


Raimunda (Penélope Cruz) and Soledad (Lola Dueñas) square measure sisters WHO grew up in Alcanfor First State las Infantas, atiny low village in La Mancha, however currently each sleep in capital of Spain. Their folks died during a tragic hearth 3 years before the start of the film. The events that occurred on the night of the fireplace square measure solely step by step disclosed, however square measure central to the plot.

Sole returns to the village for the ceremony of her old aunty Paula (Chus Lampreave). aunty Paula's neighbour Agustina (Blanca Portillo) confesses to Sole that she has detected Paula reprehension the ghost of Sole's mother Irene (Carmen Maura). Sole encounters the ghost herself, and once she returns to capital of Spain, she discovers that the ghost has stowed away within the trunk of her automotive. Irene has brought bags, aspiring to stick with her female offspring for a short while, and Sole, tho' frightened, agrees to let her mother stick with her: Sole operates a hair salon in her lodging, and Irene can assist her, motility as a Russian girl to cover her true identity. Sole tries to work out why her mother's ghost has came back to Earth, asking her if she left something undone in her life. Irene says that she will have problems to resolve, about the queries of why Raimunda hates her and why she is afraid to reveal herself to Raimunda.

Meanwhile Raimunda and her female offspring Paula (Yohana Cobo) have a unique death to deal with. Paula's father Paco (Antonio First State la Torre) tries to rape her, claiming that he's not very her father, and Paula stabs him in self-defence. Raimunda quickly hides the dead body within the deep-freezer of a close-by unused edifice. The owner of the edifice building, Emilio (Carlos Blanco), is out of city and entrusted Raimunda with the keys so she will show it to prospective tenants. once members of a movie crew light upon the edifice, Raimunda strikes a deal to cater for them, and suddenly finds herself back within the edifice business.

Raimunda reveals to Paula that Paco wasn't, in fact, her biological father, and guarantees to inform her the entire story at a later time. Agustina is diagnosed with cancer and should attend capital of Spain for medical treatment. Raimunda visits her within the hospital. Agustina asks Raimunda if she has seen her mother's ghost. Agustina hopes that the ghost are ready to tell her concerning the fate of her own mother, WHO disappeared 3 years past while not a trace. Raimunda undertakes the task of taking out Paco’s remains: she leaves Paula with Sole, rents a van and transports the deep-freeze to a convenient spot by the watercourse Júcar, one hundred eighty kilometres away. whereas staying in Sole's lodging, Paula meets her grandmother's ghost and grows near her. following night, Agustina involves the edifice to renew her request to Raimunda to raise her mother’s ghost concerning her own mother's whereabouts. She reveals 2 surprising secrets: that Raimunda's father ANd Agustina’s mother were having an affair which Agustina's mother disappeared on a similar day that Raimunda’s folks died.

Sole finally confesses to Raimunda that she has seen their mother's ghost which the ghost is, in fact, observance tv within the next area with Paula. Raimunda is confused, angry, and frightened, however Paula urges her to inform her the truth: is she very alive, and not a dead spirit? Irene admits that she failed to, in fact, die within the hearth, and divulges the entire truth. we tend to learn that the rationale for Raimunda and Irene's estrangement is that Raimunda's father sexually abused her, leading to the birth of Paula; therefore Paula is Raimunda’s female offspring and conjointly her sister. Raimunda had been angry along with her mother for ne'er noticing and ending this abuse. Irene tells Raimunda that she had ne'er understood Raimunda's anger and distance till her aunty Paula told her concerning what her husband had done to her female offspring, and Irene became furious with herself once she got wind.

Irene explains that, attributable to her husband's abuse of Raimunda, she started the fireplace that killed him. The ashes that had been likely to be Irene’s were, in fact, the ashes of Agustina's mother, the girl with whom Irene's husband was having AN affair. when the fireplace, Irene wandered for many days within the country, till she determined that she wished to show herself in. But first, she wished to mention farewell to her sister Paula, WHO had lost the flexibility to seem when herself and with whom Irene had been living before setting the fireplace that killed her husband. Paula, WHO was living within the late to her senility, welcome Irene home as if nothing had happened, and Irene stayed, caring for her sister and expecting that the police would return presently to arrest her. attributable to the irrational and closed nature of the community, however, the police ne'er came and also the residents, WHO square measure conversant in tales of the dead returning, explained the rare sightings of Irene as "un fantasma", a ghost.

The film ends with the family reunited at aunty Paula’s house. Irene reveals her presence to Agustina, WHO believes Irene to be a ghost. Irene pledges to remain within the village and take care of Agustina as her cancer worsens, speech to Raimunda that it absolutely was the smallest amount that she may do when killing Agustina's mother. within the last scene Raimunda visits her mother at Agustina's house. the 2 embrace and tell each other that they currently have time to repair their relationship.